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OK-here we go.  The Glorified Chuck Wagon project!


I’ve wanted something I could pull behind the Jeep or the Suburban when I go on these trips of mine.  So this is stage one of a trailer buildup to pull my camping gear when the distance is to far, or the road is to rough for the travel trailer.  With gas prices going up, I figured this might ease the pain of my traveling.


The trailer-an old boat trailer from our wonderful old boat that sunk a few years ago!










The first step:  remove the rear!






Then strip the rest of it down.




Then I get the great idea of reversing the axle to give it more clearance.




The bolts and spring are actually in very good shape, so they will stay after a cleanup.


Next, I had to crib the trailer to get the axle back underneath.  I didn’t have cribbing to go that high, but I got it done.  I did this by myself; why I do these things I will never know.  But, I’ve lived this far






Here it is with the axle reversed.  I get 16 inch’s of clearance with it.









Stage two will be a new set of fenders, cutting the tongue down, finishing the paint job, then the buildup of the storage units.






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